OJOSS Privacy Policy


Privacy Overview

  1. OJOSS policy covers the general manner in which OJOSS handles your personal information.  Upon registering with OJOSS, we may obtain personal information which is information in relation to your identity, such as your name, address, phone number, and email address.  Any information from third parties may be collected in an effort to provide a enhanced user experience. 
  2. OJOSS policy is not applicable to the business practices of companies that are not owned by OJOSS, or person(s) who are not employed by OJOSS.
  3. OJOSS use of technologies is to optimize your internet experience, to enrich and make improvements, and of course, to provide quality service.  
  4. OJOSS visitors information is automatically recorded by OJOSS’s servers, which contains the following:

URL, IP address, type and language of browser, date and time.


Information Collection and Use

  1. We may collect personal information upon your registration with OJOSS, in order to provide the services or products you have requested.  This does include services which exhibit advertising specifications and/or content.
  2. We request general information upon your registration with us, for purposes such as research, analysis, and evaluation.  This is an operation to effectively improve OJOSS services and technologies.
  3. We may use combined information to share with third parties that is general information, not personal related.  Some of the information collected may include transactions with us, services and/or products OJOSS offers.
  4. We process your personal information that is assisted through the use of third parties; they are required to comply with our Privacy Policy, including any other properly suitable security and confidential procedures.
  5. OJOSS may additionally share information with third parties within certain allowable circumstances, that includes compliance with legal process, fraud prevention, to guarantee and assure the overall security structure of our network and services.
  6. OJOSS may process personal information as a standard procedure on our servers in the U.S.A. and other countries.


Choices Offered

  1. When we request personal information, whenever possible under the given circumstance, we offer you choices.  If is your choice to decline providing personal information to us, including refusing cookies in your browser.  As a result, some of our services and/or features may not function properly.
  2. OJOSS provides you access to your personal information in good faith; enabling you to make corrections to your data info, whenever it is reasonably possibly.


Information Sharing and Disclosure

  1. OJOSS does not share or disclose your personal information to companies or individuals who are not affiliated with OJOSS, without your permission, or with the exception of providing the services and/or products as you request, and under the circumstances as follows:
  2. We supply your information with your consent to trusted businesses or individuals, solely for the purpose of helping OJOSS communicate our marketing offers with you.  We require that these parties are in compliance with our Privacy Policy including suitable security and confidential measures. 
  3. We deem and consider in good faith that under given circumstances it is fundamentally indispensable to disclose information for the purpose of taking legal action pertaining to: 
  4. Prevention of illegal activities, investigation of potential fraud, protection of rights, and to address issues that may be potentially harmful to the safety and security of OJOSS, or the public.

  5. In the event OJOSS is involved with an acquisition, or becomes merged with a different company, we will notify you before personal information is transferred and becomes subject to another privacy policy.
  6. OJOSS may share general information with third parties, based on the number of users who clicked on a specific advertisement.  The advertiser may base this assumption that you meet the targeted criteria by clicking or viewing a targeted ad.  This information does not associate your identity.
  7. OJOSS works with advertisers including vendors, partners and service providers of other business categories and industries.


For additional information about the product providers or services, administration or procedures of using your personal data, please refer to details in our reference links



  1. OJOSS may set, arrange and access OJOSS cookies on their users’ computer.
  2. OJOSS allows other advertisers who disply their ads on our pages to set and access their own cookies on our users’ computer.  The use of cookies by other advertisers are not subject to our privacy policies, and these companies do not have access to OJOSS’s cookies.
  3. OJOSS uses web beacons to obtain access to our cookies, within our network and outside, and in relation to OJOSS products and services.


Confidentiality and Security

  1. We have limitations to OJOSS employees, contractors, and agents to gain access to your personal information, who may inquire about that information.  The reasons for such inquires may include providing products, and/or improvement or further development of our services.
  2. We have physical security measures as a protection against any unauthorized access to your personal information that is stored in our data.  We implicate electronic security measures to safeguard storage of collected data to protect against unauthorized disclosure or destructive use of data.


Changes to Our Privacy Policy

  1. OJOSS may update this policy at any given time.  We may post an eminent notice on our site, or will send you a notification to the primary email address regarding any significant changes which would effect how we handle your personal information.  We presume that such changes would be minor, and your rights under this Privacy Policy will not be reduced without your specific consent.


Questions and Suggestions

  1. OJOSS is certified with the TRUSTe organization, an independent privacy association who serves as a liaison with OJOSS.  Any inquiries that you feel needs to be addressed to your satisfaction, should be directed to:


8484 Wilshire Blvd Suite 220
Beverly Hills, CA 90211